Protect Lake and Pond Banks and Shorelines using Flexamat

The last situation you want is erosion or water seeping into places it shouldn’t be at your airports or in your surrounding community. That’s why it’s important to have solutions that will help stop the spillage of water and create a layer of protection from damage occurring to lands and areas near roadways.

You may be curious to know how you can help protect lake and pond banks and shorelines using Flexamat. There are many ways in how it can help protect certain geographical areas that people use daily or want to enjoy and not have to deal with water issues. Continue reading to learn more about what Flexamat is and how it can help stabilize slopes and protect shorelines.

What is Flexamat?

Flexamat is a vegetated concrete block mat or erosion control blanket in which the concrete blocks are locked together and embedded into a high-strength geogrid. The mat allows for flexibility due to the 1.5 spacing between the blocks and it also allows for optional vegetation growth. It’s easy to transport and install because of how it’s packaged into rolls.

The best part is that it’s a permanent erosion control solution that has a wide variety of applications such as preventing shoreline erosion. The mat is not only designed to control erosion but also provides a stable driving or walking surface. You can see more details on our website about Flexamat installation. There are different types of Flexamat including standard, plus, 10NW, and other interlocking geogrid options. It all depends on your needs and application to determine which will be best suited for your site. There’s even a flame-resistant Flexamat that has been developed for applications that might encounter controlled burns or wildfires. It’s considered a vegetated solution instead of having to pour concrete in place.

Uses for Flexamat

Flexamat is primarily used to stabilize slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines. It can protect any area where soil residue can be moved by water runoff. There are many applications and uses for Flexamat including:

  • Airport Erosion Control: Meets FAA height restrictions and requirements for use in obstacle-free areas adjacent to runways, taxiways, and ramps.

  • Department of Transportation: It offers a permanent solution to roadside erosion. Flexamat is utilized on new highway construction and by the maintenance departments for repairs.

  • Drivable Surfaces: It provides a stable driving surface for access roads, boat ramps, low water crossings, and parking areas.

  • Energy: It is frequently used by energy and utility companies for low water maintenance crossings at wind farms and other remote sites.

  • Flood Control: It’s rapidly installed for emergency flood control and is an important component of flood mitigation plans in hurricane and tropical storm-prone areas.

  • Inlet & Outlet: It provides the best solution for inlet and outlet protection at storm water pipes.

  • Landfills: Protect letdowns, perimeter ditches, and spillways with Flexamat. Flexamat can be driven over with vehicles and equipment. It offers a flexible, vegetated solution.

  • River and Streambanks: Will stabilize stream and riverbanks while maintaining their natural environment.

  • Schools: Flexamat can be mowed with commercial mowing equipment all while providing support for the turf, which prevents rutting. Drainage areas are notoriously difficult to maintain and often become overgrown. Flexamat enables safe maintenance of these areas.

  • Shorelines: Stops erosion caused by waves, ice, burrowing muskrat/nutria, and other aquatic species. Permanently armor shorelines against erosion while aesthetically conforming to the landscape.

Flexamat erosion control is an innovative and cost-effective solution to some of the toughest problems out there when it comes to controlling water flow and protecting lake and pond banks and shorelines. It’s made up of a natural coarse surface, is a high-performance solution, wildlife safe, easy and fast to install, and allows stormwater infiltration.

Reasons to Choose Flexamat

There are many reasons to choose Flexamat as a solution for protecting lake and pond banks and shorelines, as well as other areas. For starters, it’s an environmentally-friendly solution and it works with nature and not against it. The establishment of perennial vegetation works to increase infiltration of stormwater runoff into the soil, which increases the removal of pollutants found in road and parking lots runoff through filtration and phytoremediation. Since it offers Phytoremediation then it also reduces thermal impact.

There are also many benefits of Flexamat that you should know about and may help you better see why it’s the perfect solution for you. For instance, it’s extremely easy to install and maintain. The roll design makes the installation process effortless. It’s safe to mow over and will conform to the landscape. Motorists can feel free to drive over it without any trouble. Pedestrians and wildlife can also safely walk across it with ease. There won’t be a lot of work left for you once the mat is in place. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and won’t create a lot of disturbances when it comes to you keeping your land beautiful. A few additional benefits to note are that it reduces construction costs, discourages graffiti, improves water quality, and offers high performance.

Flexamat is sold globally – throughout the United States and Canada. Flexamat is considered an effective and long-term solution. Flexamat is locked in place and cannot be thrown as a projectile. You don’t have to worry about it moving or getting wrecked because it’s strong and durable.


It’s easy to see all the reasons why Flexamat is a suitable and reliable solution for all your lake, pond banks, and shoreline protection needs. Using Flexamat, you can keep the water out and your lands in proper shape. It’s an excellent and efficient way to improve certain areas where flooding and erosion are often an issue and can cause problems. It’s not only environmentally friendly and easy to install but is a permanent solution that will get the job done right immediately. With the wide use of applications, there is likely a place that you can use it and you’ll soon be able to experience all the benefits that come from this solution yourself. Get in touch today to learn more and have all your questions answered.