Flexamat® is a vegetated concrete block mat utilized for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines. It consists of concrete blocks (6.5in x 6.5in with a 2.25in profile) locked together and embedded into a high strength geogrid. There is 1.5in spacing between the blocks that gives the mat flexibility and allows for optional vegetation growth. The mat is packaged in rolls, making transporting and installing Flexamat® efficient.

Tied Concrete Block Mat is a generic term for Flexamat.

Benefits of Flexamat®

High Performance Un-vegetated capabilites, 30 ft./sec. & 24 PSF

Easy Maintenance

Safe to mow over
Fast Installation Roll design makes installation efficient
Simple Installation Personnel can install with their own equipment
Aesthetically Pleasing Conforms to landscape
Improves Safety Safe for motorist to drive across
Environmentally Friendly Safe for pedestrians and wildlife to walk across
Reduces Construction Costs Low material cost, less labor and faster project completion.
Discourages Graffiti Vegetated solution rather than poured in place concrete
Improves Water Quality Offers Phytoremediation and reduces thermal impact
Low-Impact Development (LID) Helps achieve MS4 permit requirements

Flexamat® Properties

Property Description
Mat Width & Length Manufactured in standard widths of 4', 5.5', 8', 10', 12, 15.5' & 16'. Lengths can be cut to order per project requirements. Stocked lengths are 30', 40', & 50'. 4' x 4' mats stacked on pallets are also available.

Underlayment Options

Flexamat® Standard - a three-layered system, includes, in order from top to bottom, 1) Concrete block mat 2) 5-Pick Leno Weave and 3) Curlex® II.
Flexamat® Plus - A four-layered system includes, in order from top to bottom, 1) Concrete block mat 2) 5-Pick Leno Weave 3) Recyclex TRM-V and 4) Curlex® II.
Flexamat® 10NW - A two-layered system, includes, 1) Concrete block mat 2) 10oz non-woven geotextile cast onto the back of the blocks, adhered to the concrete block.
Weight per Square Foot 10 lbs per square foot
Block Size The concrete blocks are 6.5" x 6.5" x 2.25". There is 1.5" spacing between the blocks.
Limiting Shear 24+ PSF (non vegetated)
Limiting Velocity 30+ft./second (non vegetated)

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