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Flood Erosion Control

Flexamat® plays a vital role in flood control throughout North America. Water management and flood control districts utilize Flexamat in critical areas such as major metropolitan centers and rural areas.  Federal agencies, including FEMA and the USACE, have incorporated Flexamat into large-scale flood management projects.  Flexamat prevents erosion in areas exposed to high flow, waves, or burrowing animals.

There are numerous projects throughout the Atlantic and Gulf coasts that have withstood multiple hurricanes and tropical storms, performing as designed.  Hurricane Harvey subjected over one million square feet of Flexamat
 to a 1000-year flood event.  Flexamat performed well across the hardest-hit areas. 

Vegetation grows through the system, providing an environmentally friendly solution that wildlife can safely walk across.

 is simple to install with the material packaged in rolls.  The rolls are manufactured to site-specific lengths. A small crew can install thousands of feet in a single day.  The compact rolls also equate to smaller staging areas.  Many of our installations pass through residential areas where access is constricted.  Flexamat rolls make these areas much easier to work in compared to other systems.

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