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Erosion Control Applications and Site Solutions

Erosion Control Applications and Site Solutions

Flexamat® tied concrete block mats are designed to control erosion as well as provide stable driving/walking surfaces. Flexamat® provides an innovative, cost-effective solution on sites throughout the world. More uses for Flexamat® are still being discovered. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Our extensive network of local experts will support every aspect of your project, from regulatory guidance, engineering calculations, site-specific drawings, cost estimates, onsite installation support, and post-construction monitoring.


Airport Erosion Control

Flexamat meets FAA height restrictions and requirements for use in obstacle free areas adjacent to runways, taxiways and ramps.


Flood Control

Flexamat® is rapidly installed for emergency flood control and an important component of flood mitigation plans in hurricane and tropical storm-prone areas. 

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Department of Transportation

Improve roadside safety by controlling erosion with Flexamat®. Utilized on new highway construction and by maintenance departments for repairs. Highway mowing crews can safely mow over Flexamat®.

Drivable Surface.jpg

Drivable Services

Flexamat® provides a stable driving surface for access roads, low water crossings, and parking areas. The coarse texture of the blocks provide traction when driving or walking across.


Energy Site Solutions

Erosion control for substations, drill sites, and pipelines. Drivable surface for utilities, wind and solar farm access roads. Shoreline armor for wastewater lagoons.

Inlet & Outlet.jpg

Inlet & Outlet

Permanently protect these erosion prone area with vegetated concrete mats. The vegetated solution allows storm water infiltration and provides energy dissipation.



Protect letdowns, perimeter ditches and spillways with Flexamat®. Flexamat® can be driven over with vehicles and equipment. It offers a flexible, vegetated solution.

River & Streambanks.JPG

River and Streambanks

Stabilize river and streambanks while maintaining their natural environment. Riparian vegetation thrives within Flexamat®. The low profile of the blocks prevents debris from catching the tied concrete block mats.



Permanently control erosion at storm water outlets, drainage ditches and detention/retention areas with a vegetated solution that is locked in place. Flexamat enables safe maintenance of these areas. 



Flexamat® stops erosion caused by waves, ice, burrowing muskrat/nutria and other aquatic species. Permanently armor shorelines against erosion while aesthetically conforming to the landscape. 

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