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US Army Corps of Engineers - Levee Armoring

Flexamat was used to armor the Camp Ashland levee system along the Platte River. The US Army Corps of Engineers specified Flexamat 10NW to prevent erosion of the levee. The levee protects the Camp Ashland Army National Guard facility from flooding.

The camp endured historic floods in 2015 and again in 2019. Water surged into classrooms, barracks and offices after the Platte River eroded the levee system. 51 of its 62 buildings had water damage. It was critical to repair the levee system to provide additional resiliency to the critical equipment and training at Camp Ashland.

Flexamat 10NW was selected to armor the levee to prevent erosion when the levee is breached and overtopped. 16' wide rolls of Flexamat 10 NW were installed that included a geogrid and geotextile extension along the mat edge for subsequent mats to overlap.

Project Details


Midwest USA

Installation Date:

March 2021


Flexamat 10NW


180,000 SF

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