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University Shoreline

Erosion along a shoreline at a public university was causing land to erode away and most critically, a parking lot was becoming undermined. This project is located in Central Florida, which receives a tremendous amount of rainfall during hurricane season. On average, Central Florida receives nearly 60 inches of rainfall annually. The six months of hurricane season, extending from June 1 to November 30, receives almost 70% of the annual rainfall. Saturated soils from all this rainfall expedited the erosion.

This project was designed in-house, utilizing the University's Engineering Department. The design team needed a product that could withstand the high stormwater flows coming from the parking lot as well as the wave action along the shoreline. Flexamat Plus was specified to serve as the permanent hard armor to protect the shoreline from the erosive forces. The University was impressed with the performance of the Flexamat Plus at stopping the erosion immediately upon installation.

The maintenance crew maintains the area with their mowing equipment. The crew drives the mowers right over the Flexamat when mowing. An area that was once an eyesore is now a beautiful shoreline with vegetation thriving within the matting. The grass has established so well, that the Flexamat Plus is no longer visible, yet the armor remains under the turf, permanently protecting against erosion.

Project Details


Southeast USA

Installation Date:

April 2016


Flexamat Plus


20,000 SF

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