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Articulated concrete block mats

What are Articulated Concrete Block Mats?

An articulating concrete block (ACB) system is a matrix of individual concrete blocks placed together to form an erosion-resistant overlay with specific hydraulic performance characteristics. The system includes a filter layer underlay that allows infiltration and exfiltration to occur while providing particle retention of the soil subgrade. The filter layer may be comprised of a geotextile or properly graded aggregate or both. The blocks within the matrix must be dense and durable while providing a matrix that is flexible and porous.

Articulating concrete block systems are used to provide protection to underlying soil materials. The term “articulating” implies the ability of individual blocks of the system to conform to changes in subgrade while remaining interlocked or otherwise restrained by virtue of the block geometric interlock and/or additional system components such as cables, ropes, geotextiles, or geogrids. The interlocking property provided by the special shapes of ACBs also allows for expansion and contraction. Long-term durability and sustainability relies on an appropriate engineered design based on site-specific hydrological and geotechnical conditions. They are either hand-placed or installed as pre-assembled mats on top of a filter layer on prepared subgrade, and act as a soil revetment.

Articulating concrete blocks (ACBs) are an effective erosion control system used to solve a wide variety of erosion problems:

Benefits of Using Them

One of the environmental benefits of ACB erosion systems are the spaces which allows vegetation growth. Properly selected plant species can almost completely cover the entire hard surface of the ACBs, allowing them to blend in with the natural look of the project as well as water purification by absorbing nutrients and breaking down other pollutants. During peak storm events, the ACB layer beneath the vegetation will protect the soil from erosion. The ability to support the ecosystem’s habitat is a major advantage of ACB systems over other erosion control methods.

What Are Flexamat Concrete Mats

Flexamat is a permanent erosion control mat utilized for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines. The mats are pre-assembled and are packaged in rolls. There is 1.5" spacing between the blocks which gives the mat flexibility and allows for optional vegetation growth.

The next generation of erosion control technology is Flexamat. Get in touch with our team and we can help you decide on the right Flexamat solution for your site.

Advantages of Flexamat Concrete Mats

There are many advantages to choosing and using Flexamat concrete mats for erosion control. It’s an effective and permanent solution that will prevent erosion damage that waves, ice, and aquatic species may cause. It not only provides a solution for controlling and stopping erosion but it conforms to the landscape so isn’t an eyesore.

About Us

Motz Enterprises, Inc. is the manufacturer of Flexamat. Our company has been in business for over 30 years and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. We developed the first tied concrete block mats over two decades ago. We also invented the technology to manufacture and package concrete erosion mats into rolls.

Due to our extensive experience in a wide range of environments, we have pioneered successful methods to achieve fully vegetated concrete erosion block mats. We pride ourselves on the fact that we never stop innovating, and that we continually provide customized solutions for unique site conditions and environments.

We take pride in our performance and specifying the right product for the right application. Flexamat is not only an effective solution but also a long-term one. We look forward to hearing more about your situation and project and can’t wait to work with you.

You can check out our blog for more erosion control insights and so you can learn more about the benefits of choosing our product and working with us.

Get Started Today

Flexamat erosion control mats provide permanent control for all types of erosive activity. Learn more by contacting us or calling us at (513)772-6689.


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