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Stop Landfill Erosion with Flexamat

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Why Do Landfill Sites Erode?

These sites are more prone to erosion due to the steep slopes created. Landfills are often large sites with considerable surface area. Landfills are engineered structures with a drainage plan. Often terraces or benches are created to direct surface runoff into letdown channels. These channels with concentrated flow often have high water velocity and high shear force present. These factors contribute to erosion.

How to Protect a Landfill Site from Erosion

Environmental regulations provide strict guidance on landfill sites, and it is a legal requirement to contain and prevent leaching of contaminants into nearby areas. Coastal landfill sites are hazardous, as leaching has been found to cause much more severe damage in saline than in freshwater.

Some of the ways you can protect your landfill from erosion include:

  • Erosion control blankets

  • Landfill liners

  • Silt fences

  • Vegetation

  • Tied Concrete Block Mats


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