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Negative Impacts of Riprap on Lakeshores

Soil erosion control

What is Riprap?

Rip Rap is the method of using rock to protect shorelines and slopes from erosion. The rocks are in place to deflect the impact of waves. Some disadvantages are that it’s costly, requires a lot of construction and labor, difficult to maintain and can be bad for the ecosystem.

Why Erosion Control Matters

Erosion control is the science of reducing soil loss and keeping the environment intact. The practice of erosion control can prevent dangerous water pollution and protect valuable property. Many people are affected by it and need to find ways to control it including farmers, agricultural workers, landowners, gardeners and homeowners as well. Overall, continuous erosion is devastating to the environment and our world. It has the potential and has been known to interfere with plant growth, and water quality, and can oftentimes harm aquatic wildlife.

Not A Natural Solution

Rip Rap is not environmentally sustainable. To get the riprap to the desired location it must be transported by trucks and equipment that emit high levels of pollution into the air. Rip rap retains the heat and can increase the water temperature which leads to thermal pollution, harming aquatic life. Harmful chemical are used to with weed abatement programs.

Additional Disadvantages

Rip rap is expensive to install. The rocks can move and tumble over time and it is difficult to mow around rip rap. Rip rap is hazardous to walk across and will cut off access to the shoreline. Children may throw the stones. Snakes can be attracted to the rocks.

Alternatives & Other Options

The good news is that there are other options besides riprap that assist with erosion control of shorelines. Flexamat is a vegetated and permanent erosion control mat utilized for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines. This way you’re working with nature instead of against it. It has a fast installation process. It improves water quality and is environmentally friendly such that pedestrians and wildlife can walk across it. It conforms to the landscape and enhances safety and makes it easy to access the shoreline for activities such as canoeing or kayaking.

About Us

Through our experience in a wide range of environments, we have pioneered successful methods to achieve vegetated concrete erosion mats. We never stop innovating and we continually provide customized solutions for unique site conditions. We are proud to share that Flexamat is an effective, long-term solution.

Getting in Touch

We offer permanent and environmentally-friendly erosion control options through a variety of customizable Flexamat products. Get in touch today to learn more.


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