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Steep Slope Armoring

This steep slope is located between the Interstate and an exit ramp. The 500' long slope had gradient that varied from 1:1 to 2:1, with lengths between 35' - 58'. The engineers knew rock rip rap would not be stable on this steep of a slope so tied concrete block mats were specified.

The top of the slope only had a 2' bench to set the rolls. The traffic on the Interstate above the slope did not need to have any lanes closed due to the non-invasive installation of the rolls. All of the work was performed from the base of the slope. 16' wide concrete mat rolls, precut to custom lengths, were installed on the steep slope. A crane was used to lift the rolls to the top of the slope. A long reach telehandler was used to control and guide the unrolling concrete mat.

The vegetated concrete block mats provide permanent erosion control for this steep right-of-way slope next to the Interstate.

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Project Details


Southeast USA

Installation Date:

July 2018


Flexamat Standard


27,000 SF

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