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Oil and Gas Drill Site Erosion Control

An Oil and Gas client was experiencing erosion issues in ditch lines, adjacent to areas where they have operating facilities. The ditches were previously armored with rip rap, and were not performing to the clients expectations. The client worked with our local distributor to identify a potential option for armoring the channel. After review of several options, the client chose to proceed with the use of Flexamat® Plus, a permanent Tied Concrete Block Erosion Control Mat.

The client removed the existing rip rap, shaped and reseeded the ditch. Brock White Representatives visited the site during the second day of installation. The client, with a crew of 6 men and a supervisor, using a picker truck and a rubber tracked mini excavator, had installed 54 rolls (16' x 50') of Flexamat Plus during this second day. This totaled over 4000m2 of permanent erosion protection in a single day of installation. The installation experienced several large rain events through the summer and early fall of 2018, soil and seed were protected during these events and vegetation establishment was coming in nicely early October of 2018, as you will see in the photo gallery.

Project Details


Western Canada

Installation Date:

July 2018


Flexamat Plus


86,400 SF

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