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Landfill Letdown Armoring

This landfill in Florida was a Construction & Debris (C&D) disposal facility that was in operation from 2004 until final closure in 2011. The site soils are composed of poorly consolidated sand. The soils are highly erosive.

By 2015, rills and gully erosion was occurring on the slopes of the closed landfill. The site was so severely eroded that waste was exposed throughout multiple areas of the site. The landfill owner reached out to an engineering firm to evaluate the issues and to develop a permanent solution.

Engineers identified the erosion was due, in part, to insufficient stormwater conveyance features. The closed landfill site had become extremely overgrown, which hid the severity of the erosion. In addition, the erosion caused poor site access. Engineers recommended a solution that would allow mowing maintenance and a solution that would improve site access.

The solution engineers developed was to utilize Flexamat Standard on the stormwater conveyance channels to armor the highly erosive areas permanently. Flexamat encourages vegetation growth within the matting, while also allowing mowing maintenance and site access. To help expedite growth, Bermuda sod was installed prior to the Flexamat installation. Bermuda grass thrives well within Flexamat and quickly spreads the growth throughout the Flexamat armor.

Project Details


Southeast USA

Installation Date:

October 2023


Flexamat Standard


33,600 SF

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