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Hawaiian Pond Shoreline Improvement

This Hawaiian and Japanese ponds shoreline improvement was a two phase project to create a more stable shoreline at the most popular park destination in all of Hawaii.

The ponds, which had originally been constructed as a flood control basin for storm water drainage, had eroded banks near the park’s entrance. This in turn has created a pond perimeter that was muddy and not frequently used by park visitors.

City officials awarded the contracts to local Hawaiian dredging companies to place pre-cast, concrete block mat stabilization material, Flexamat, along the edges of the ponds to prevent further erosion and runoff.

In addition, the scope of the work included repairs to the central bridge over the pond, construction of a lit walkway connecting the bridge to other mauka pathways, and a new seating area along the end of the ponds near the Pacific Ocean beach.

The Flexamat material was packaged in rolls, minimizing the impact to the park grounds. Many exceptional trees near the construction zone were saved and didn't need to be moved.

8,750 linear feet of shoreline was armored. This project was the first time that the local Hawaiian dredging companies installed Flexamat. They were surprised with the ease of installation and the project was completed quicker than they had planned.

Project Details


Western USA

Installation Date:

October, 2020


Flexamat 10NW


70,000 SF

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