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Drivable Surface & Spillway

At this siltation basin, Flexamat was approved by the local County Soil and Water Division for the basin access road in lieu of asphalt. The pond access served a multi purpose as an overflow spillway structure in addition to the pond access road. Flexamat was chosen in lieu of asphalt because the subgrade was unstable and the road material would need flexibility. The mat was soil infilled and State Highway Administration (SHA) grass seed was spread over the concrete armor.

There was heavy rain during early summer 2018, this site was flooded within two weeks after installation took place. Between the installation date of May 24th to June 4th, the site received 4.32 inches of rain.

Flexamat performed to the project requirements immediately upon installation. Even with the intense flooding, Flexamat did not allow any erosion. Vegetation quickly became established within a few weeks of installation. The county maintenance crews utilize the Flexamat access road periodically to perform routine maintenance for the siltation basin.

Project Details


Mid-Atlantic USA

Installation Date:

May 2018


Flexamat Plus


6000 SF

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