Flexamat® offers a permanent solution to stop shoreline erosion while aesthetically conforming to the landscape.  Flexamat® stops erosion caused by waves, ice, burrowing of muskrats/nutria and erosion caused by fish, such as Tillapia.  Flexamat® enables safe maintenance of the shoreline.  Commercial mowers may be used over Flexamat® or allow native vegetation can grow wild.

Flexamat® enhances safety.  Steep eroded banks make it hazardous to maintain or even walk along the shoreline.  Many municipalities have regulations that ensure minimum slope requirements.  Flexamat® helps provide a stable walking surface if using the shoreline as an entry point for canoes or kayaks.

Eroding sediment from shorelines is a major source of pollution.  The eroded sediment has many negative impacts with natural ecosystems, such as making the water shallow, which can lead to artificially warmer water temperatures.  Flexamat® re-enforces natural vegetation and locks the shoreline permanently in place.

Shorelines Gallery

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DJI_0104.JPG DJI_0117.JPG DJI_0121.JPG DJI_0262.JPG DJI_0053.jpg IMG_6615.jpg Dauphin Island.JPG 041818.JPG 0810181.JPG 0810186.JPG IMG_20180302_101005427~2.jpg IMG_20180302_101100626.jpg IMG_20180302_101436521.jpg IMG_20180521_114946121.jpg IMG_4220.jpg IMG_7517.jpg IMG_7750.jpg IMG_7754.jpg IMG_7747.jpg IMG_20180622_104308043.jpg IMG_20180622_104409741.jpg Adams Park2220.JPG Adams Park Adams Park11.JPG Adams Park - 0616175.JPG 0717189.JPG Adams Park1 (2).JPG Adams Park - 06161722.JPG 0717185.JPG 20150505_094851.jpg Cypress knuckles growing over Flexamat.jpg 12241435176_2a32d286e1_o.jpg 20150923_102707.jpg 20150923_135224.jpg 6 weeks 2.jpg 7-21-15 983.jpg After.JPG Benson Park5.JPG Benson Park - 061617.JPG Benson Park Benson Park7.JPG Benson Park - 0616175.JPG Benson Park Benson Park - 0616178.JPG Benson Park IMG-20170314-WA0002.jpg Santa Rosa 2.jpg IMG-20170314-WA0017.jpg IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0770B.JPG IMG_1899.JPG IMG_20170405_091953766_HDR.jpg IMG_20171016_104836293_HDR.jpg Santa Rosa Hwy 331 August 2017.jpg IMG_2506.JPG IMG_4051.JPG IMG_4080.JPG IMG_4605.JPG IMG_6097.JPG IMG_7509.jpg IMG_8413.jpg Sodding above the Flexamat.JPG TX Shoreline.JPG Watrous Sept 2017 11.JPG image3.JPG