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DOT - Roadside Erosion Control Case Studies
Flexamat® offers a permanent solution to roadside erosion. Flexamat® is utilized on new highway construction and by the maintenance departments for repairs. Flexamat® rolls are easily installed by highway and county personnel using existing equipment.

Using Flexamat® for erosion control along roadways improves safety. Flexamat® armored roadsides are protected from becoming steep drop-offs dangerous to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Unlike rock rip rap, vehicles can safely drive across Flexamat®.  Flexamat® can be safely walked across by pedestrians and wildlife.

Highway mowing crews can safely mow over Flexamat® without fear of shooting a projectile into traffic or damaging their mowing equipment. Costly weed abatement programs are also not needed.

Roadways Gallery

Protecting the roadway with Flaxamat vegetated concrete mat from nearby water clogged land Making dangerous slopes at motorways safe for driving by fixing Flaxamat concrete blocks Flaxamat articulated concrete block improve the safety of roadways in residential area Securing roadside safety for motorists, pedestrians by installing Flaxamat articulated concrete mats Fixing steeps near roadside with Flaxamat blocks to avoid falling rock rip rap disrupting traffic Concrete erosion control blocks, Flaxamat, make the roadways safe for driving Dangerous slope of motorway made safe for driving after 3 months from Flaxamat blocks installation Easily maintainable vegetation grown in Flexamat concrete blocks installed around slope of wingwall A Section of US Highway 131 secured with Flaxamat concrete erosion control blocks Using environment friendly Flexamat blocks for erosion control along roadways improves safety Flexamat vegetated concrete mat rolling work in progress alongside road Highway mowing crew can safely mow over Flexamat vegetated concrete mat without damage to equipment Safeguarding wingwalls with Flaxamat erosion control blanket for a long period Rock rip rap of wingwalls anchored with Flaxamat erosion control blanket doubling the stability Indiana Department of Transportation using Flaxamat vegetated concrete mat at Big Blue River project Effectively used Flaxamat blanket at Big Blue River project by Indiana Department of Transportation Flaxamat articulated concrete block installation work going on at a section of Page Avenue Freeway Carefully planned vegetative growth on land near Page Expressway with Flaxamat concrete blocks View of successfully implemented Flexamat articulating concrete mats alongside Page Avenue Freeway Flexamat concrete erosion blocks play important role in water management along roadside 0724181.JPG 0724182.JPG 0724183.JPG 0724184.JPG 0724188.JPG 0906186.JPG 061318.JPG 0906183.JPG 0926177.JPG 20151023_134317.jpg 20151210_122702.jpg 20160310_151602.jpg 20160310_151733.jpg 20160523_092344.jpg 20160523_092507.jpg 4-25-17 Nine Months After Install (2).JPG After with Wild Flowers.JPG Channel Bend.JPG DJI_0021.JPG Eaton Ave, Hamilton.JPG IMG-20170314-WA0036.jpg IMG_0144.JPG IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0322.JPG IMG_0367.JPG IMG_0396.JPG IMG_20170712_105915206.jpg IMG_20170712_105934092_HDR.jpg IMG_20170712_110651483_HDR.jpg IMG_20170712_111005572.jpg IMG_20170712_111554600_HDR.jpg IMG_20170712_111957066.jpg IMG_20170712_112026000_HDR.jpg IMG_20170712_112107625.jpg IMG_20170712_112932770_HDR.jpg IMG_20170712_113533484_HDR.jpg IMG_20170712_113620720.jpg IMG_20170712_113741290.jpg IMG_20170712_114320272.jpg IMG_20170712_114423287.jpg IMG_20170712_114442148.jpg IMG_20170712_120654790.jpg IMG_20170712_125602081.jpg IMG_20170812_075409855_HDR.jpg IMG_20170812_075420888_HDR.jpg IMG_20180612_095252139_HDR.jpg IMG_3960.JPG IMG_4260.jpg IMG_4275.jpg IMG_4602.JPG June 2014 4.JPG Meade Co Flexamat 13.jpg Post Construction 1-23-17 (1).JPG Santa Rosa Hwy 331 August 2017.JPG Superior, WI b.jpg Tangipahoa - LA.jpg WV Corridor H.jpg guarrail2.jpg image1.JPG IMG_20151123_103556532_HDR.jpg 1101171.JPG IMG_2101.jpg IMG_2102.jpg after.JPG I-85 South Auburn Rest Station.JPG 1 yr.jpg staging.JPG DOT Installation DOT Installation DOT Installation DOT Installation DOT Installation Roadside Slope Protection
Roadside Slope Protection