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US Forestry Boat Ramp

US Forestry installed Flexamat 10-NW along the Greenbrier River in West Virginia. The Greenbrier River is a tributary to the New River. The Greenbrier is one of the largest undammed rivers east of the Mississippi River.

US Forestry performed the installation in-house, using their own crews and equipment. They installed 3 - 16' x 30' rolls of Flexamat 10NW to create the 90' long boat ramp. Flexamat 10NW has a 10oz. non-woven geotextile adhered to the back of the concrete blocks. This helps keep the geotextile in it's proper placement, especially when installing underwater.

Due to the soft subgrade, crushed #57 stone was used to prepare the subgrade. Once the subgrade was prepared, Flexamat was unrolled over the base. A combination of earth percussion anchors and stainless steel zip ties were used to secure the mats together. Once the mats were secured, crushed aggregate was used as infill between the blocks.

The entire installation was completed by the US Forestry crew in one day.

détails du projet


Mid-Atlantic USA

Date d'installation:

September, 2021


Flexamat 10NW


1440 SF

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