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University Creek Armoring

Flexamat Plus was used to armor a creek that meanders through a five-acre arboretum in the heart of a Division 1, Big Ten University located in the Midwest. The existing landscape timbers were deteriorating and Flexamat Plus was chosen as the replacement. Flexamat allows native vegetation growth to thrive within the matting.

Flexamat was chosen for it's long term performance and because it offered a natural-looking solution that conformed well with the setting in the arboretum on the university campus.

Over 19,000 square feet of Flexamat Plus was installed on this project. The material was package in rolls, with 4800 square feet delivered on each truckload. The Flexamat rolls were efficiently moved around the arboretum. Site impact was confined to the creek, with minimal disturbance to this beautiful part of campus.

détails du projet


Midwest USA

Date d'installation:

August, 2021


Flexamat Plus


19,000 SF

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