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Bay Levee Armoring

The engineers on this project needed an alternative to 24" rip rap for levee protection on the water side of the levee. Rip rap is not readily available in the Bay Area. Additionally, US Fish and Wildlife wanted to re-establish native vegetation on the face of the levee.

The design team specified Tied Concrete Block Mat, Flexamat® UV-T-10-NW. This concrete mat had a non-woven geotextile as underlayment to protect the shoreline from wave attack immediately upon installation.

Each truckload of Flexamat® concrete mats saved 32 dump trucks from hauling rip rap through the Bay Area, a massive cost savings and reduction in the carbon footprint. Overall, the use of Flexamat® cut installation time by over 60%.

détails du projet


Western USA

Date d'installation:

October 2019


Flexamat 10NW UV-T


96,000 SF

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