Suggestions for a successful Flexamat installation

  • Decide which Flexamat option is best for the site. 
  • Order Flexamat - material weighs 10lbs./square foot. Order rolls that equipment can safely handle
  • Have installation crew watch videos on Flexamat YouTube Channel 
  • Plan staging area for Flexamat
  • Prepare subgrade prior to installation – remove stumps, rocks, soil, etc for smooth surface
  • Seed and fertilizer prior to installation of Flexamat
  • Clevis shackle of appropriate weight rating for connecting to D-ring on bucket.
  • Swivel and rigging with latched sling hooks of appropriate weight rating.
  • Manhole cover hooks - used for adjusting Flexamat as needed during installation
  • Lifting straps 
  • Smooth (toothless) bucket on excavator or a modified bucket (refer to install videos) 
  • 18” U-Anchors, stainless steel zip ties or earth percussion anchors
  • Underlayment splices for seams
  • Gloves, rakes and shovels 
  • Chop saw if cutting is required 

Modified Bucket
Manhole cover hook