Flaxamat concrete blanket with inlet and outlet protection is the best solution at storm water pipes
Concrete erosion control blocks, Flexamat preventing shoreline erosion at Bennets Creek
Well implemented Flexamat  Vegetated concrete mat project at Cleveland Co.
Riparian vegetation in Flexamat erosion control blocks stabilizes stream at our Harvey project
Flexamat concrete erosion control blocks offers a permanent solution at Lynchburg roadside erosion
Flexamat erosion control blanket thriving at our Mud Creek site
Flexamat Vegetated concrete mat preventing erosion at the Norman waterway project
Our Roanoke roadside project under different stages after implementing Flexamat erosion control mat
Interstate 35 at Texas after Flexamat® armor of tied concrete block mat protecting travellers
Various stages of Flexamat® erosion control blanket at Interstate 35 Texas protecting motorists
Successfully completed project in 2016 where Flexamat concrete blocks blend with the landscape
Completed installation of Flaxamat concrete 8'x30' roll longitudinal on Creek Bank at Marrietta, GA
Well implemented Flaxamat erosion control 16'x20' matting rolled down Canal Slope at Cape Coral, FL
8'x50' roll of Flaxamat erosion control blanket along a shoreline at Destin, FL
High performance of Flaxamat concrete 16' blanket on a canal slope at West Palm, FL after 3 years
8' Width Shoreline erosion Flaxamat installed at Charleston Lakes, Tampa, FL
12' Flaxamat vegetated concrete roll longitudinal on a creek bank at Magnolia Dr, City of Auburn, AL
8' width channel outlet of Flexamat blocks provides the best solution for our project in Deltona, FL
5.5' width shoreline erosion matting of Flexamat protecting Loundes County Dam, AL
10' width Flaxamat concrete mat installed longitudinal along the creek bank at our Marietta, GA site
Customized Flaxamat concrete mat installed longitudinal along the creek bank at a Marietta, GA site
10' width customized Flaxamat concrete mat installed along the creek bank at our Marietta, GA site
Dangerous slope before installation of Flaxamat articulated concrete block at a roadway project
Flaxamat articulated concrete block protecting traffic from dangerous slope at the roadway project
Unprotected slope increasing risk of erosion and accidents before implementing Flaxamat blocks
Securing the slope from erosion and accident risks by installing Flaxamat vegetated concrete mat
Exposed concrete channel near roadway before implementing Flexamat tied concrete block mat solution
Concrete channel replaced by Flaxamat blocks at Interstate 85 section near South Auburn Rest Station
Successful first year of concrete channel replacement by Flaxamat erosion control matting