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US Army Corps of Engineers Levee Armoring

Missouri River Left Bank and Upper Pony Creek Ditch Levee System experienced significant damage during the 2019 flood event. This led to three breaches, along with substantial other damages, occurring throughout the Levee System.

Flexamat 10NW with a 10-ounce geotextile fabric adhered to the back of the blocks was specified to armor the portion of the levee that would be submerged under water the majority of the time. Flexamat Plus was specified for the portion of the bank above the ordinary water level. The Flexamat Plus armored portion was intended to vegetate.

Armoring the horseshoe bend portion of the bank presented a unique challenge, as the flow could reverse during flood events. The Flexamat team worked closely with the USACE design team to develop a site specific anchoring plan.

Within the first growing season, vegetation established within the Flexamat Plus armoring that was installed above the waterline. The levee is now repaired and protected, preventing future devasting floods.

detalles del proyecto


Midwest USA

Fecha de instalación:

August 2021


Flexamat 10NW & Flexamat Plus


90,000 SF

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