Flexamat® stabilizes stream and riverbanks while maintaining their natural environment. Often, willow stakes and riparian plugs are incorporated within Flexamat®.  Riparian vegetation thrives within the armor. The low profile of Flexamat® prevents debris or logs from catching the mat and helps keep the waterway open to positive flow. 

Wildlife can safely cross Flexamat®.  The matting also helps provide a stable walking surface if using the shoreline as an entry point for canoes or kayaks.

Un-vegetated, Flexamat® has high performance capabilities of 30 ft./sec and 24 psf.  From day one of installation, Flexamat® has better performance than compared to 24" rock rip rap.

Often, working within the stream or river may not be possible.  The compact roll design enables Flexamat® to be installed from an excavator sitting within the right-of-way.

Streams & Riverbanks Gallery

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