Flexamat® provides the best solution for inlet and outlet protection at storm water pipes. Flexamat® is locked in place and can't be displaced like rock rip rap.  It offers a vegetated solution that can be maintained with commercial mowing equipment. Flexamat®   is safe for both pedestrians and wildlife to walk across. It allows storm water infiltration and provides energy dissipation. Flexamat® blends with the landscape and is not a potential surface for graffiti.

High performance the moment it's installed, un-vegetated capabilities of 30ft./sec. & 24 PSF!

Inlet & Outlet Gallery

Sam Houston Park LA.JPG IMG_20180928_110547562.jpg IMG_20180928_110745928.jpg 20151125_114608.jpg 20170907_105033.jpg Huron Kinloss (2018_09_17).JPG photo 2.JPG 20160217_142116.jpg IMG_4228.JPG After - Failing Rip rap - 3 Years After Installation.jpg After Grouted.jpg City of Deltonal Flexamat Outlet.jpg 23892871393_a6d86f9174_o.jpg Four Months after Install 6-20-17 010 (1).jpg IMG956938.jpg IMG_0475.jpg 4834034465_80629ed74a_o.jpg 11289880583_3095befd3e_o.jpg IMG_1263.jpg IMG_1498.JPG IMG_20171004_122048275.jpg 24224139950_a1ee14b1b0_o.jpg IMG_20171004_135236982.jpg 11289794346_ded78c25f3_o.jpg IMG_3076.JPG IMG_4691.JPG IMG_7492.JPG IMG_7554.JPG Marietta GA.jpg PART_1490301558435.jpg View from Top Down.JPG IMAG0047.jpg