Flood Control Case Studies
Flexamat® plays a vital role in flood control throughout North America. Water management and flood control districts utilize Flexamat® in critical areas such as major metropolitan centers and rural areas.  Federal agencies, including FEMA and the USACE, have incorporated Flexamat® into large-scale flood management projects.  Flexamat® prevents erosion in areas exposed to high flow, waves, or burrowing animals.

There are numerous projects throughout the Atlantic and Gulf coasts that have withstood multiple hurricanes and tropical storms, performing as designed.  Hurricane Harvey subjected over one million square feet of Flexamat® to a 1000-year flood event.  Flexamat® performed well across the hardest hit areas.

Vegetation grows through the system, providing an environmentally friendly solution that wildlife can safely walk across.

Flexamat® is simple to install with the material packaged in rolls.  The rolls are manufactured to site specific lengths. A small crew can install thousands of feet in a single day.  The compact rolls also equate to smaller staging areas.  Many of our installations pass through residential areas where access is constricted.  Flexamat® rolls make  these areas much easier to work in compared to other systems.

Flood Control Gallery

Installation of Flaxamat concrete rolls plays vital role in flood control in rural areas Flexamat blocks performing well across the hardest hit areas by tropical storms and hurricanes Flexamat concrete erosion blanket installation at Briggs Pond project for shoreline stabilization An environmentally friendly solution provided by Flexamat shoreline erosion control customized mats Protecting Briggs Pond boundaries from erosion using Flexamat shoreline articulated concrete block Ability to fix thousands of feet of Flaxamat roll in single day effective for Storm water management Simple to install with the material packaged in rolls, Flaxamat is better option for levee armoring Manufactured to site specific lengths, Flexamat is effective solution for storm water management Flaxamat armor, performing as designed, has withstood multiple hurricanes and tropical storms High performing Flaxamat armor, effectively managing storm water in low lying areas year after year Proven flood control system, Flaxamat erosion control matting implemented at a residential site Successful water management after implementing grouted Flexamat articulated concrete blocks Canal erosion managed by fitting Flaxamat concrete blanket at City of Cape Coral after 2017 Canal erosion before fitting Flaxamat concrete blanket at City of Cape Coral before 2014 Flexamat providing an environmentally friendly solution for stopping erosion at a Upstream project Effective Ditch Stabilization solution provided by Flaxamat tied concrete blocks on Boy Scout Blvd Flaxamat articulating concrete blanket laying work in progress for managing storm water Environmentally friendly Flaxamat concrete erosion control blocks rolled at the site A permanent solution for storm water seepage provided by Flaxamat vegetated concrete mat Flood water controlled through Flaxamat vegetated concrete mat near residential area Canal erosion maintained using Flaxamat vegetated concrete blocks near residential area A factory site safeguarded from stream water by executing Flaxamat concrete erosion control blocks Rolling of Flaxamat articulating concrete mats at a trench for managing proper water seepage  Making the stream banks safe by installing Flaxamat erosion control blanket Preparing the canal banks for rolling out Flaxamat concrete erosion control blocks Flaxamat concrete erosion control work in progress at one side of the canal Installation of Flaxamat blocks mixed with willow stakes vegetation to control water flow naturally Thriving, planned vegetation grown in Flaxamat concrete blanket helps in reducing the stream erosion Upstream rip rap anchored with Flaxamat vegetated concrete mat reducing damage by rodents Butt seaming technique used with 4 foot Flexamat erosion control blocks to protect canal banks Carefully calculated rolling of Flaxamat erosion control blanket along the stream steep