Energy Project Case Studies
In the energy sector, Flexamat® is the solution for a wide range of issues.  Flexamat® is used for permanent slope protection around substations.  At oil and gas drill pad sites, Flexamat® is used for armoring perimeter ditches, letdown structures, spillways, and for perimeter runoff dissipation. Flexamat® is used to repair pipeline exposures for numerous vital pipelines across North America. It is frequently used by energy and utility companies for low water maintenance crossings at wind farms and other remote sites. On solar farms, Flexamat® provides locked in place protection for drainage around solar panels. Fracking wastewater lagoons utilize Flexamat® for shoreline protection.  Coal ash landfills have letdowns structures are armored with Flexamat®. At these vital sites, long term performance is necessary.

Flexamat® is an environmentally friendly solution. Wildlife can safely cross Flexamat®.

In a financially conscious industry, Flexamat® provides a cost-effective solution. Most sites are in remote locations where shipping large quantities of material is difficult. One truckload of Flexamat® is 4800 square feet.  Covering 4800 square feet with 18” depth rip rap would require 32 truckloads of rock.  This is a significant savings for sites off rural roads and in remote locations. Utilities can use their own crews to install Flexamat® with equipment they already have on site.

Energy Gallery

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