Flexamat® provides a stable driving surface for access roads, boat ramps, low water crossings and parking areas. It is frequently used by energy and utility companies for low water maintenance crossings at wind farms and other remote sites.  Flexamat® is extremely durable consisting of 5000 PSI concrete blocks which are re-enforced with a high strength geogrid. Flexamat® can withstand the weight of 80,000 lbs. vehicles.

Flexamat® rolls make the installation efficient and simple.  Readily available equipment can be used to install the mat.  Installation can be completed in submerged applications. 
Flexamat® can be used as a vegetated driving surface or infilled with crushed stone. The blocks create a stable, non-slippery surface that provides traction when walking or driving across. The space between the blocks allows for infiltration of storm water.

Drivable Surfaces Gallery

4834827032_7d6634150c_o.jpg 4834219899_5bc5f5db66_o.jpg 4834830772_46b8b3fe30_o.jpg Mack Truck - low water crossing.JPG Access Rd - 081617.JPG Access Rd - 0816174.JPG 1.PNG 3.jpg ATV Access - Soil Infilling.JPG Flexamat with gravel infill.jpg IMG_0691.jpg IMG_0738.jpg IMG_1105.JPEG IMG_1108.JPEG IMG_1763.JPEG IMG_20131022_091639_406.jpg IMG_20180509_085057606_HDR.jpg IMG_20180509_100030556.jpg IMG_20180509_101114697.jpg IMG_20180509_115648057.jpg IMG_20180605_120523018.jpg IMG_3171.jpg IMG_3788.jpg IMG_4156.JPG IMG_4175.JPG IMG_4176.JPG USACE Spring Crossing.jpg envirodredge16'x50'roll.jpg envirodredge4.jpg