Substation Slope Armoring

The design team for a substation expansion needed a solution for slope erosion around a substation in a desert area. The engineers required a product that could withstand the arid environment and stop slope erosion during heavy rain events. Erosion on the slopes surrounding the substation would lead to sediment deposition within the transformers, a risk that had to be permanently mitigated. 

The concrete block mat, Flexamat 10-NW, was selected to armor the slopes surrounding the substation. Motz Enterprises, Inc. supplied 310 custom length rolls. The tied concrete block mat rolls were pre-cut in custom lengths at the manufacturing plant. The concrete mat lengths matched the slope lengths onsite. Each roll was marked with it's designated number and roll size. Motz Enterprises coordinated the deliveries with the contractor so that the concrete mats arrived in the sequence of installation.

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Location: Southwest
Installation Date: June, 2020
Owner: Utility
Type of Flexamat Product: Flexamat 10-NW
Quantity of Flexamat: 240,000 SF
20190731_144939.jpg FABRIC INSTALL.jpg IMG_2709.jpg IMG_2720.jpg IMG_2721.jpg IMG_2723.jpg IMG_2726.jpg IMG_2727.jpg IMG_2769.jpg IMG_2770.jpg IMG_2771.jpg IMG_2772.jpg IZZS0060.jpg TRFO8028.jpg YFWC1547.jpg