USACE - Tropical Storm Preparation

The channel was clogged with over growing trees and shrubs. During tropical storms, this blockage did not allow the channel to convey storm water as design and this led to flooding. The USACE cleared the overgrowth but this led to an increased velocity within the channel. This quickly led to erosion over the unprotected channel slopes. It soon became necessary to install permanent erosion measures.

The USACE required a solution that would provide long-term protection and support future channel maintenance. Other requirements included a solution with a low profile that would deflect debris and support low height vegetation.

Flexamat Plus was chose to armor the channel. Prior to installing Flexamat, a local native winter seed mix was spread. 16’ x 35’ rolls were installed from the crest of the slope and extending 4’ past the channel bottom. The depth of the channel was 12-15 feet and the side slopes ranged from 3H:1V to 2.5H:1V. The length of the channel was 2000'.

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Location: Southeast
Installation Date: February 2014
Owner: USACE
Type of Flexamat Product: Flexamat Plus
Quantity of Flexamat: 70,000 SF
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