Coastal Highway Shoreline Armor

This section of the coastal highway experiences seasonal hurricanes and tropical storms. The highway passes through a wetland conservation area. The design team did not want to use rock rip rap after the DOT had previously replaced it after it had washed away after past storm events. The team also had the goal of establishing native vegetation along the shoreline adjacent to the highway.

The tied concrete block mat, Flexamat Plus, was selected as the revetment to armor the shoreline. Native vegetation, including wild flowers, were planted within the vegetated concrete block system.

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Location: Southeast
Installation Date: March 2017
Owner: Department of Transportation
Type of Flexamat Product: Flexamat Plus
Quantity of Flexamat: 9600
Conservation Area.jpg IMG_2324.JPG IMG_3152.JPG IMG_3157.JPG IMG_3158.JPG IMG_3160.JPG Santa Rosa 2.JPG Santa Rosa 3.JPG Santa Rosa Hwy 331 August 2017.JPG Santa Rosa Hwy 331 March 2017.JPG