Interstate Median Armoring

The new interstate construction was through a hilly part of the state. Long stretches had considerable grade changes and erosion around the median guardrails was a concern for the design team.  The DOT engineers chose vegetated concrete block mats, Flexamat Plus, to be armor the median channels. 

Space was tight between the North and Southbound lanes. The compact roll design was an advantage during the installation. Rolls were placed in 50' increments within the work area. Interstate traffic was open during the concrete mat installation.

Prior to installing the concrete mats, the area is seeded first. Within a few weeks, grass began growing within the vegetated concrete block mats.

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Location: Midwest
Installation Date: April 2018
Owner: Department of Transportation
Type of Flexamat Product: Flexamat Plus
Quantity of Flexamat: 180,000 SF
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