University Streambank

The University had an eroding stream bank adjacent to a road and parking lot. Due to the proximity of the streambank to the roadway, a steep slope was required. The design team selected a vegetated concrete block mat over rip rap due to the steepness of the slope and the velocity of the stream. Using a concrete block mat also reduced the amount of re-grading. The slope was re-graded to a 1.5:1 slope.

The protected area was approximately 100' long and the slope lengths ranged from 20' to 35'. The concrete block mat selected for this project was Flexamat Standard. Rolls were precut at the manufacturing plant to site specific custom lengths. The area was seeded prior to the concrete mat installation. Once the material was installed, Willow live stakes and plugs were planted to expedite vegetation within the concrete matting.

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Location: Southeast
Installation Date: February 2019
Owner: University
Type of Flexamat Product: Flexamat Standard
Quantity of Flexamat: 4800 SF
Before 2.png DJI_0062.jpg DJI_0069.jpg DJI_0071.jpg DJI_0073.jpg Anchor Pattern.jpg IMG_5785.png IMG_5787.png IMG_5789.png IMG_5890.jpg IMG_5891.jpg IMG_5892.jpg IMG_5893.jpg IMG_5894.jpg IMG_5895.jpg IMG_5901.jpg IMG_6331.jpg IMG_6332.jpg IMG_6333.jpg IMG_6334.jpg IMG_6335.jpg IMG_6336.jpg IMG_6337.jpg