Overtopping Case Study

The Missouri River had two major flooding events during the Spring of 2019. During the first flood in early spring, stretches of Interstates I-29 and I-680 were closed after being overtaken by the swelling Missouri River. After the river receded, sections of the slope adjacent to the roadway had eroded.

After the flood damage, DOT worked to add resiliency to the roadway slope. DOT engineers selected the concrete mat, Flexamat, to provide the needed armor. Flexamat gave the DOT a permanent solution.

Installation speediness was an important factor in choosing Flexamat. These were emergency repairs to reopen the highway and future flooding was imminent. The DOT needed a solution that could be installed before future flooding and offer immediate protection.

Another advantage was that Flexamat had a low-profile height that is safe for vehicular traffic. Adding a guardrail was not required.

As the installation was nearing completion, the Missouri River crested over the highway for the second time of Spring 2019. This stretch of highway was closed for over two weeks due to flooding. Flexamat protected the roadway slope from erosion. After flood waters receded, the highway was reopened immediately.

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Location: Midwest
Installation Date: May 2019
Owner: Department of Transportation
Type of Flexamat Product: Flexamat NW-10
Quantity of Flexamat: 265,554 SF
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