Customize Flexamat

standard flexamat roll

There are customization options available to create Flexamat specific for site conditions.

Flexamat Width

Flexamat® can be manufactured in sections up to 16' wide and less in 1' increments. Standard widths are 4', 5.5', 8', 10', 12' & 16'. Length is customizable but standard lengths are 30', 40', and 50'.  Flexamat® weighs 11lbs. per square foot. We can work with the contractor to determine the optimal roll length.

Underlayment Material

Standard Flexamat is manufactured with the Aspen wood excelsior, Curlex II®. (view more information about Curlex® Blankets)  This underlayment helps encourage vegetation growth.  Click here to download Product Data Sheet for Standard Flexamat.

Flexamat Plus is manufactured with Recyclex® TRM (view more information about Recyclex® TRM) underlayment is used when a permanent backing is needed.  This product is made from recycled soda bottles (nylon fiber that will not float).  This backing will allow vegetation growth and will remain permanently as an underlayment if growth isn't present.  This backing is used primarily in arid environments, areas susceptible to drought, areas with poor soils, and shaded areas.  Click here to download Product Data Sheet for Flexamat Plus.

Flexamat® may also be manufactured with non-woven fabrics underlayment. This backing is used in instances where not possible or not desired.  Non-woven backings should be used for areas exposed to continuous flows or where sandy soils are present.  Fabrics are also used when Flexamat is installed over plastic liners. The fabric provides a protective barrier between the liner and the concrete blocks. Project requirements determine the fabric used, Flexamat can be manufactured with a wide range of non-woven fabrics.  Click here to download Product Data Sheet for Flexamat with filter fabric.

Standard Curlex II underlaymentFlexamat PlusFlexamat with non-woven fabric backing


Variety of colors available upon request.